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In today's fast-paced world, where convenience often takes priority over well-being, the importance of personal training and adopting a healthy lifestyle cannot be overstated.

Personal Training: Norm’s Tailored Approach


Personal training isn’t just about lifting weights or running; it’s a customised journey designed to help you achieve your unique fitness goals. These goals can include weight loss, muscle gain, improved cardiovascular health and many more.Over the past 30 years, Norms’ personal trainer expertise has been helping people from all walks of life succeed in their fitness journey. Norm is able to provide tailored workouts which are designed to account for individual fitness levels, medical history, and personal preferences, making the journey both effective and safe.

Education and Form Correction

With every personal training session, Norm offers valuable insights into proper exercise techniques and nutrition. It’s important to know that learning the correct forms of exercises is crucial to not just prevent injuries but to also achieve optimal results.

Incorporating a healthy diet

While personal training is an important component, embracing a healthy lifestyle goes beyond just physical fitness. It encompasses balanced nutrition, adequate sleep, stress management, and mindful habits.

What you choose to eat on a daily basis significantly impacts your overall well-being. Cultivating healthy eating habits creates a positive effect, leading to increased energy levels and improved mood.

Long-Term Health Benefits

Investing in personal training and adopting a healthy lifestyle isn’t just about short-term gains. It’s an investment in long-term health and quality of life. Regular physical activity and a healthy diet are associated with a reduced risk of chronic diseases such as heart disease, diabetes, and obesity. Additionally, maintaining a healthy weight can alleviate strain on joints and promote better mobility as we age.

There are many other benefits to living a healthy lifestyle including mental health, strength and resilience.


If you’re ready to start your fitness journey, contact Norm at 07720651200. Your goals can be achieved regardless of your age; You’re never too old to start adapting to a healthy lifestyle.

Important Information


Sunday Martial Arts Class


Sunday's Martial Arts Class Session (10:00 - 12:00) is taken a temporary detour from Sunday 3rd March 2024 until further notice.

This is due to the gym being used for filming / completing the Instructor's Hatton Boxing Course, as part of developing the instructor's skills further.

Other class sessions during the week (incl. Saturday) remain as normal. Please see class time table below.

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