Coaching qualifications all around!

Zen Combat Academy Welcomes British Sambo Federation for a grading seminar.

John Clarke, Colin Carrott and Lewis Clarke from British Sambo Federation visited Zen Combat Academy for a grading seminar.

The highlight of the weekend?

Every member in attendance achieved their Level 1 Sambo Assistant Club Coach Certification, a testament to their dedication, training and hard work.

British Sambo Federation / History of Sambo

Federation recognised National Governing Body for the sport Sambo.

Sambo, self-defence without weapons is a unique synthesis of single combat and martial arts of the world, with Soviet origins.

It was developed and used by the Soviet Red Army, dating back 1920’s to improve their hand-to-hand combat abilities.

And they sure did not disappoint!

It combines several martial arts including Judo, Wrestling, Grappling, Jiu-Jitsu…with intense throws and leg locks designed to inflict pain and snap your bones instantly.

Since then, Sambo has developed further and if you want to hit even harder, you can! With Combat Sambo, resembling modern martial arts including extensive forms of striking and grappling. Punches, kicks, elbows, knees, headbutts and groin strikes, pretty much anything goes!

The weekend!

It was intense for sure! 5-6 hours of rigorous training including throws and being thrown in every way possible, Zen Combat Academy members experienced both Sambo and Combat Sambo and thoroughly enjoyed every second.

‘’Intense weekend where you get to learn by doing with the best coaches in the UK. Intellectually and physically fulfilling, a great system to pull together everything Sifu Norm Willis teaches. Part of the complete self-defence package. For those that like the challenge and taking their knowledge to the next level, this was it!’’ – Jonathan

”Demanding but rewarding weekend of Sambo. Warming atmosphere thanks to the student’s keen attitudes, coaches passion for teaching, and a great venue making it an amazing experience”. – Will and Eddy

”We focused on throws and leg holds because in sport sambo you are not allowed chokes, and surprisingly just a little bit of pressure on the achilles hurts like all hell. None the less it was very fun and I’m proud to have a coaching qualification in Sambo.” – Tom

‘’Huge thank you the Sambo coaches and Norm for another amazing weekend and learning experience. Walking away with a certification motivated to learn and practise even more! Looking forward to the next chapter’’ – Andrea

Ending on a high note

The weekend finished on a high note, with exhausted yet satisfied smiles and all our members proudly received their certifications.

We are extremely proud of our students and all the training hours they have put in ready for this weekend.

Thank you…!

A huge thank you to British Sambo Federation John Clarke, Colin Carrott and Lewis Clarke for grading our students and hosting a very enjoyable and welcoming seminar.

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