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Zen Combat Academy…rebrand!


We are excited to announce that Zen Combat Fitness will now be known as Zen Combat Academy!


Why the rebrand? It is so much more than just a change of the logo. 2024 is a big year for many reasons! Read about the meaning, reasoning and inspiration behind the rebrand. 

Jeet Kune Do – Seminar 2024 – Part 2


Highlights and experiences from JPJKD seminar 2024


Over the course of 4-days, our students experienced the teachings of Bruce Lee’s very own Jeet Kune Do (JKD), demonstrated by Sifu Fran Poteet-Joseph, president of Jerry Poteet Jeet Kune Do Association (JPJKD) with a direct lineage to the legend himself, Bruce Lee.

Mastering the Art of Jeet Kune Do – Part 1


Extremely special weekend at Zen Combat Academy…


World-class Martial Artist Sifu Fran Poteet-Joseph, President of Jerry Poteet Jeet Kune Association (JPJKD) visited Zen Combat Academy, to share her knowledge and demonstrate her incredible skills of Bruce Lee’s very own Jeet Kune Do (JKD)…..

Coaching qualifications all around


Great weekend at Zen Combat Academy…!


John Clarke, Colin Carrott and Lewis Clarke from British Sambo Federation visited Zen Combat Academy for a grading seminar weekend. 5-6 hours of rigorous training including throws and being thrown in every way possible…

Martial Arts – Lifestyle for everyone


Am I too old for Martial Arts? A question often asked by our members…


Here at Zen Combat Academy we have trained individuals of all ages, from teenagers to seniors. Regardless of your age, martial arts offer numerous benefits, both physical and mental….

Start your fitness journey


Looking to improve your overall health and fitness…?


Personal training isn’t just about lifting weights or running; it’s a customised journey designed to help you achieve your unique fitness goals. These goals can include weight loss, muscle gain, improved cardiovascular health….

Journey of Zen Combat Academy


Get to know where and how it all started…


Zen Combat Academy (previously known as Zen Combat Fitness) first opened its doors in 2019. The name combines both ‘Zen’ emphasizing the value of meditation, intuition & self-control and ‘Combat’ unleashing the fighter within whilst learning to endures….

Important Information


Sunday Martial Arts Class


Sunday's Martial Arts Class Session (10:00 - 12:00) is taken a temporary detour from Sunday 3rd March 2024 until further notice.

This is due to the gym being used for filming / completing the Instructor's Hatton Boxing Course, as part of developing the instructor's skills further.

Other class sessions during the week (incl. Saturday) remain as normal. Please see class time table below.

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